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Music is a never ending journey that starts the moment you are born. We only have one chance to make music that is true to ourselves and can inspire others. Music is a ride, and it is now the moment to enjoy every single note of it.

Mission Statement

Music is a never ending journey. It starts at the moment you are born and it grows with you until your very last breath. This gives each and everyone of us just one chance to make the music we create memorable and one of a kind. To achieve this, I believe in staying true to yourself and never forgetting where you come from. I believe in letting music grow with you without compromises and with a firm gaze towards the possibilities of what you can create, and that is how I approach music. It is about not forgetting where the journey started, but at the same time, letting every moment be part of your creations and let your music move forward towards horizons only you can imagine. Music is a ride, and the best way to approach it is by enjoying every single note composed, performed, recorded and orchestrated. This is my mission, to tag you for this musical ride, and making sure you enjoy it as well.

A bit of my background

I am a Venezuelan composer, guitarist, arranger and producer, focused in creating and sharing music that is worth sharing. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and started my musical studies at 14 years old at the Olga Lopez Conservatory. In 2004 I attended the 5-Week Summer Performance Program and in 2008 I graduated from the Taller de Jazz Caracas, where I had the privilege of learning from teachers like Oscar Fanega, Hugo Fuguet and Pedro Barboza. In 2011 I had two of the greatest honors I’ve received so far: graduating Cum Laude in Electronics Engineering from the Universidad Simon Bolivar and receiving a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music as a full time student. At Berklee I focused in developing my production skills, my arranging technique, my orchestration prowess, my performance abilities and my compositional ideas. I’ve worked in areas as diverse as musical theater, pop, film scoring and latin jazz and I believe that each and every one of them complements the other, as they are all part of the same journey.

Musical Formation

As a full time Berklee student, I majored in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design. I have worked extensively in the core areas of both majors, but I have dedicated a substantial amount of time to arranging, jazz idioms and conducting which I believe compliment every project I am in. I have participated in classes such as Sound Design for Animation, Video Game Audio Implementation, Musical Theater Arranging, and Latin Jazz Ensembles among others, which I believe round up my various trades and forge me as an unique voice.

My Experience

As a musician of various trades, I have focused and specialized in various aspects of music production, arranging and composition. As an arranger, I have numerous credits with the Berklee Musical Theater Orchestra, as well as providing arrangements for signatures concerts such as Alejandro Sanz Meets Berklee, Marcos Valle Meets Berklee and the 30th Annual Singer’s Showcase. In the area of film scoring and audio post production, I worked on composing, producing and recording the original soundtrack for Mary Jane Doherty’s feature documentary Secundaria, premiered at the Boston International Independent Film Festival. I have also had numerous credits in short films, non-profit human rights videos and political campaign spots. Currently, I am working on my first solo recording, featuring Venezuelan music infused with rock, contemporary jazz and classical music, painting a landscape of music that is firmly grounded in Venezuelan traditions but looks towards the future into fusion and contemporary music.

Cut the crap, let's hear some music

Music | Pick a genre and enjoy.

Fusion & Venezuelan

A rich cocktail of venezuelan and latin rhythms, jazz and contemporary music.

Film Scoring

A showcase of my soundtracks and jingles work.


Interpretations and re-imagined versions of diverse authors spiced with my own magic.  

Production / Sound Design

Auditive stimulation to evocate feelings and reach hearts.


Sweet music of my own invention for your enjoyment.

Live Performances

Tracks of my presentations and live performances.




Thanks for listening, if you also want to take a look please go ahead.


Here you may find visual examples of live performances, demo reels and music and post production for visual media. Look and rock on!

Scores and Documents

Feel free to browse through some samples of my arrangements and orchestrations, as well as score preparation and editing! Also, here is a downloadable version of my resumé!

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